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you build a fine shrine in me ([personal profile] amber) wrote in [community profile] jossed2009-05-01 01:41 pm


[community profile] jossed'S CELEBRATORY COMMENT!FIC MEME!

Dreamwidth has moved into Open Beta, and that's fantastic. To celebrate, we're getting our fic on.

STEP ONE: Comment with a Joss-verse series pairing or character (can be RPF or crossover if you want) and a prompt (such as an idea, a kink, lyrics, an image, whatever.) Make sure and mention if you DON'T want NSFW content.

STEP TWO: Read through the comments, find a prompt which appeals to you, and write 100 words or more for it. Try and do unfilled prompts before filled ones!

STEP THREE: Read through other people's commentfic and leave reviews! Link your friends to this post! Invite people to Dreamwidth!

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