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you build a fine shrine in me ([personal profile] amber) wrote in [community profile] jossed2009-04-28 04:43 pm


Late, but I figured I would throw this up.

This is a post for discussing Season One Dollhouse through to Episode 10; Haunted. (The one that aired last Friday in the US.)

Feel free to chat about any of the episodes, your thoughts and feelings on the show in general, link nifty articles or your own posts/thinkies/reviews. Obviously the comments will contain spoilers through to Episode 10, you don't have to mark for those.

But please mark any spoilers for any future, unaired episodes (for those who aren't html inclined, copy&paste [Spoiler: <div style="color: #ffffff; background-color: #ffffff;">SPOILER TEXT HERE</div>] and people can highlight it to see the spoilers...)

I'm turning emailing off since I haven't seen the episode yet (I'm Australian, so it always takes me a while) but I might wander through and reply to comments belatedly, and [personal profile] jeeps might be around.

If you haven't been watching Dollhouse, or if you'd like to know how you can support the show, check out Watch DOLLHOUSE Week: "intended to bring Dollhouse fans both old and new together one more time to enjoy Season One before it comes to a close."