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twelve Ω omega

dollhouse discussion post

We've put it up early this week! I'm so excited, after last week's ending. I loved getting a chance to read everyone's reaction posts, so feel free to link your own or comment with them, start discussions, chat about your favourite characters and who got (appropriately) Jossed... generally have one big final omega Dollhouse love-in.

Obviously, the comments will contain spoilers for the entire Dollhouse series. Previous posts can be reached via the tag.
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my reaction post is here, and also very long.
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I have to admit I was really disappointed in Alpha. How did he manage to pull off the consistent nerdy geek last week long (with some funny funny lines!!) enough to play Paul like a cheap guitar, but this week he can't even get through a simple sentence without breakinig into seven different voices??? Or did I totally misunderstand?

It felt like a lot of inconsistencies popped up in this ep - I was really excited about last week, and this week just didn't live up to it.
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iawtc. there were other things about alpha that bugged me, but this was another that i didn't mention in my own post.

i have thought of a way to fanwank it away, however. perhaps it's easier to access one particular imprint and stay within it than it is for him to be in the alpha state with all of these different personalities crowding in around it. remember that alpha himself doesn't have much of a personality of his own to speak of (except that thing he has for sharp implements), so it might be harder for him to be a blank slate when he has much stronger and more defined personalities in his head.

overall i agree that there were a lot of inconsistencies though.