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dollhouse discussion post ¤ “briar rose”

consider this an official discussion post for the 5/1 episode of dollhouse, "briar rose." if you've written a review/incoherent reaction post, feel free to give us a link. or, if there's something you've been dying to say about the episode that you haven't yet gotten out of your system, this is the place! links to any outside reviews/analyses are also welcome.

also, don't forget that [community profile] jossed's celebratory comment!fic post is still open! post prompts or fill other folks' requests to kick off open beta here at dreamwidth, which, we'll have you know, allows for THREE AND A HALF TIMES more characters per comment than ever before! ;)
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My reactions mostly came down to lots of OMG!s, much impressedness (possibly not a real word) at Enver Gjokaj's acting, and also Alan Tudyk's, a horrified cry of YOU CAN'T DO THAT TO MY DEAR LITTLE VICTOR, and then stunned silence.

The show just keeps getting better and better, and it's heartbreaking to think there'll probably be no more. The story's just beginning!
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My reaction post is here, full of swearing and squeeing, if anyone wants to read it. :)

Just tossing this out there: did anyone else get the vibe that Adelle and Paul knew each other from somewhere else? I'm not sure what made me think that... and I know a lot of people thought the same about Adelle and Caroline, and it turned out not to be the case. But am I alone in that?
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There was this very strange familiarity they had, as if they'd discussed something or met each other before that moment. But with Adelle, it's entirely possible that she'd been studying Ballard for a while with the intent of making him into a doll -- just as it seemed with Caroline, as it seemed with the guy from the drug/memory inhibitor episode. α used Ballard as the perfect bait to keep her and Boyd distracted.

I am so in love with this show and I will be devastated if they cancel it.
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My post started out coherent, then made some sense, and the descended into incoherency again. What can I say? The episode was that good.
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Oh man. Ohhhh, man, this episode. I was spoiled for the Alpha reveal, I'll admit, but it still got to me, even knowing. And Alpha... oh, I think I'm in love with the adorable little psycho. The two reunions with Echo, and the intensity and passion and longing on his face... Yeah, I'm reduced to ellipticals. It was that good.
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Finally watched it, my reaction post's here. Ahhhh they had better not cancel this show.
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ps Jeeps. That icon. Oh baby, oh baby.
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My entry's kinda long and something I've been thinking about for a while. It may be kinda heavy but... I need to put these thoughts somewhere!
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